Honestly, Canberra's best 'bang for your buck' when it comes to view vs hiking effort.


I had a really busy morning planned and I was very ambitious to think that my original plan was going to work. As per usual, my plan fell apart and I decided to give Mount Taylor a go.

Previously, I felt it was too short and wasn’t challenging enough for me to enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised – It was still too short but it was straight incline within the first 10 metre and was a quick climb to the top. It has almost 360 degree’s view with a great view of Tuggeranong about 10 minutes from the top followed by an epic view of Woden and further once you get to the top.

Mount Taylor Carpark Map

At first – I struggled to get onto the right path and walked straight passed the hole between the wired gate and the fence. At some point, I realised I went the wrong way so decided to just go straight up the adjacent hill which gave my the view to see the path.

The overall trail took me 57 minutes which included breaks to take photos etc and you could round that up to a 1 hour 15 minutes to include getting my gear and stretching (before and after).

If you wanted to use this as a more training ground trail then I definitely a thing you can pick up the pace to 5km/h  (or more) as my 57 minutes was based on a 4.4km/h pace.

The path towards the top gets quite narrow but with no danger of following of the edges. It is more of a be warned because you will need to be aware that you may need to step aside to let people through that are coming down or something of the like.

There is also about a bazillion different ways that you can get to the top which I would recommend exploring as it is a very usable hike considering it accessibility, range and elevation.