At this stage of my life - I am pushing my mind and especially my body further then it has gone in the last 31 years. Is it too much?

My Thoughts

I don’t know if I am over training or not but I am constantly questioning if I am though. I know that I have experienced a couple of clear signs that I perhaps have pushed my body a smudge too far.

Terrible Sleep

I find that if I go heavy for too long than my central nervous system will kinda of ‘ping’ me throughout that nights sleep. I will wake up every 2-3 hours as if someone poked me then fall back asleep. This usually happens if I stack like heavy;

  1. Squats.
  2. Deadlifts.
  3. Cleans.

I think it’s just the fact of heavy weight sitting on me in someway. This also usually doesn’t have any other side effect besides feeling a little tired in the morning from a restless sleep so I am not sure if this is just something that does happen but should be a rarity or is considered over training?

Terrible Mood?

I have read that mood changes are a sign of over training but never faced anything except for the other day when I just woke up in a filthy mood. Everything annoyed me and I constantly had the attitude of “Of Course, it would go wrong and ruin MY day”. But I pushed on and continued to the gym in the afternoon. This results in my mood dramatically transforming and I was back to my normal self (FYI Happy) so not actually sure if it was over training.

Terrible Motivation?

If I have a high frequency of gym sessions then I do find that sometimes I am drained of motivation. This is something that apparently also means that you are over training.

But generally when this happens I push through and get motivation by doing. This then just gives me my mojo back and I am off again doing my thang.

This is my current ideal training schedule which doesn't always go to plan.

Some Final Thoughts

At this point – I don’t know how to recognise with clear signs that I am over training. I do understand when a specific part of my body needs a little extra recovery time like when my knees are screaming at me for doing a 5k run on the same day that I do squats but in general I think that perhaps there is a little too much bubble wrap with people overtraining.

I can understand to not “over train” when you have an injury or you are a little tender (aka the knees) but overall I think people just always think that too much of something will always have a negative effect.